Xining City 3 private pension service subsidies 70000 yuan

days ago, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, to encourage social capital and private capital into the social old-age service industry, accelerate the development of pension service industry in our province, the provincial Civil Affairs Department in accordance with each of the elderly lived every one month to 30 yuan of operating subsidies allocated Provincial Welfare lottery funded 77670 yuan. Xining City, 3 private pension agency service.

The establishment of

pension services in our province has been put into operation in the social forces and private public building types of pension services, based on establishing a comprehensive assessment system of the service facilities, service content, service quality and so on a fixed subsidy system, and according to the actual number of receiving the annual number of days to live, per person for one month to 30 yuan subsidies for pension institutions operating subsidies.

at the end of last year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department of personnel of Xining City Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for funding to three private pension institutions inspection and acceptance, the elderly stay open on the pension service satisfaction rate evaluation, Xining City three operation of the private pension services in 2012 received a total of 258 people live in the elderly, the elderly stay satisfaction rate of 99.5%. In accordance with the provisions of the welfare lottery funding is mainly used for the pension service facilities construction, improve and improve service, improve the quality of life for the elderly run society, grant funds shall be earmarked for violation of the provisions of the use, the slow dial, Tingbo grant funds have been allocated until the recovery of funds. (author: Zhang Yaning)