2014 moved traffic figures released

The power of

example is infinite, the power of example is shocking. For the transfer of positive energy industry, practice the socialist core values, in the transportation system of our province in the afternoon of April 24th, the Provincial Department of transportation held in 2014 moved the annual traffic figures in recognition of the general assembly, the meeting of 7 individuals, 3 groups received the 2014 moving traffic person of the year honors.
moved in 2014 to carry out the traffic person of the year award, to promote the industry is the main melody, show great achievements of spiritual civilization construction of transportation industry in our province. The event lasted 120 days, the province’s transportation sector was recommended to submit a total of candidates, covering all regions and all sectors of the industry in the province of the 55. After the final recommendation of the Internet voting, telephone consultation, meeting vote, open and fair and other sectors, the Provincial Department of Transportation awarded the Zhen Xiaoming 7 comrades of the transportation industry in 2014 moved the annual traffic figures of honor; awarded the Ledu highway safety area of 3 units in 2014 moved the annual traffic figures (group) honorary title.