520 thousand of the province’s poor objects included in the scope of Minimum Relief

6 month 14 days, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, according to the provincial government on winning the strategic deployment of poverty alleviation war, actively promote the province of minimum living security fallback poverty special action plan, the province’s civil affairs departments at all levels actively, actively with poverty alleviation Department connect together, precise identification of the poor the family so far, complete the 520 thousand poverty object examination and approval work, the difficulties of the masses of all eligible low relief, issued at the beginning of provincial urban and rural subsidies 650 million yuan, from January to calculate the replacement, have been issued to cash in place.

in the first half of this year, the provincial Civil Affairs Department has issued a "notice" to win the battle of poverty to the rural minimum living security work and reveal all the details "on the winning notice" poverty battle further improve the medical rescue work, to further refine and standardize the rural subsistence allowances and medical relief work. City and county civil affairs departments to further strict rural minimum living security audit approval procedures, give full play to the cadres and the impoverished village "first secretary" role, to keep abreast of changes in low economic property, on the implementation of industrial support, employment assistance and other policy measures, have moved out of poverty and low income families, timely adjustment of guaranteeing exit, the implementation of poverty alleviation to do sales, out of poverty to the people, to be returned back to do Yingbaojinbao. The province’s rural residents average from 2400 yuan / year increased to 2970 yuan / year to achieve minimum standards and poverty line "two in one", and coordinate the urban and rural finance promptly issued a provincial capital of 650 million yuan subsidy, support around the policy fallback of the poor families.

based on the full funding of agricultural and pastoral areas residents insured the participation of major diseases, carry out a comprehensive outpatient treatment and hospitalization expenses relief medical expenses relief, relief cap increased to 10 thousand yuan and 50 thousand yuan, let the poor people get rid of the plight of illness ailment carry, drag, prevent disease due to poverty, and reduce poverty the medical burden. To increase the temporary relief efforts to simplify the temporary assistance program, do emergency difficult work, will help raise the ceiling to 20 thousand yuan, due to the face of emergencies, accidental injury, serious illness or other special reasons for basic living predicament, special assistance after the basic life still has serious difficulties in poor households into temporary relief range.