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, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that from April 23rd to 24, the province 2016 annual open recruitment director of clerks following positions of civil servants, public security organs for examination and public security police college graduates employment from the year 2015 armed police anti-terrorism retired soldiers and other personnel in the public security organs of the people’s police written successfully concluded, and in April 25th unified scoring is expected in early May announced the written test results.

It is reported that

, the province 2016 annual open recruitment director of clerks following positions in the civil service examination written examination work, the annual civil service examination in the national exam, plan Zhaolu 1191, actual recruiting positions 1145, 50084 candidates for reference, the province’s 9 test areas, 47 sites and 1686 room. Compared with previous years, this year, the scale of the province’s reference personnel re innovation. This year, open the examination director positions below the civil service examination the number of candidates for the first time exceeded 50 thousand, an increase of 5697 over last year, an increase of 13%, the competition is more intense than in the past. Apply for a steady improvement in the level of education, recruiting quality corresponding to enhance.

at the same time, the examination policy further tilted to the grassroots. In view of practical problems in the Tibetan grassroots recruiting difficult, hard to keep people, this part relates to grassroots recruitment policies made a further adjustment to the academic requirements, test proportion, swap makeup etc..

In order to effectively implement the combined examination of

and regulate collection policy, human resources and social security department in conjunction with the provincial Party Committee Organization Department issued a "Qinghai provincial civil service recruitment adjustment rules (Trial)" makeup and the "Qinghai provincial civil service examination and examination positions selection rules (Trial)", further perfect the civil service examination system. Improve kaolugongzuo standardized and institutionalized level.