Central District of Xining to set up multiple lines of duty crimes

recently, the Commission and the District of Xining city procuratorate Chengzhong District in the city to start to strengthen cooperation against supervision and preventing crime work mechanism, to investigate and analyze the key areas, key projects and key projects, and come up with three-dimensional prevention and control measures, set up a cordon of the heavy duty crime prevention.


the prevention and control of three-dimensional crime measures: the establishment of the system of the duty crime prevention work of the joint meeting, analysis of the characteristics and rules of reason, Party members and cadres of discipline violations and crimes, study countermeasures and suggestions; cooperative duty crime prevention publicity and education work, strengthen the party members and cadres, Party discipline and self-discipline education, sounded the alarm to the party members and cadres to the case; from 2013 onwards, to carry out activities to create a non duty crime unit "in the independent accounting Fu Keji unit; to establish clues and information sharing mechanism, so that party members and cadres suspected of crimes clues are timely and accurately grasp, there is no escape; strengthen the construction of key projects in the field of building cooperation the mechanism, early intervention, active follow-up, supervision, and implementation of the construction project publicity system And the early warning system of conversation, to ensure the safety of funds, project quality, honest cadres, to bribery file query results as the main basis of the review of the discipline inspection organs; establish and perfect the discipline, prosecutors recommended the implementation of the cooperation mechanism, the relevant departments do not implement the procuratorial proposals, the discipline inspection organs according to the situation timely discipline inspection, on duty crime cases has analyzed the risk of corruption cases caused the search, according to prosecutors recommended the development of risk prevention and control measures of rectification, and urge the relevant units to implement improvement. (author: Dezhou)