May day

– Qinghai celebrate May Day and the national day of the double award recognition conference held

Luo Huining, Hao Peng, Su Ning,, attended the meeting of the General Assembly commended

from the front of the province’s advanced collectives and individuals were commended

Su Ning: to help boost the development of Qinghai, hold the great Chinese dream

– newspaper editor Wang Zonghong and other 13 people won the national labor medal

They use

, unknown to the public sweat and intelligence efforts, promote the construction of Qinghai has become a new force; they, with practical action, inspire the people of unity and struggle and courage; they, like a shining star, shining. They are from the province fronts, won the national labor award medal, the national workers vanguard, Qinghai Province, "12th Five-Year" Interim meritorious labor competition advanced collectives and individuals in Qinghai Province, technical workers star, "champion" the honorary title of the Qinghai plateau labor model. "51" Labor Day is approaching, the stars, shining infinite light, lit up the earth of Qinghai.

on the afternoon of April 26th, Qinghai celebrate 51 and the National May Day Labor award, Commendation Medal held a grand meeting. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Hao Peng, Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Xu Fushun, Provincial Standing Committee, chairman of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, Su Ning, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Ma Wei, the provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Ji Renfeng attended the ceremony.


conference read the decision of the ACFTU on the recognition of the national labor award, the medal and the national workers vanguard. Xining evening news editor Wang Zonghong and other 13 people won the national labor medal. Qinghai Yi Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 4 units won the national labor award.

  Jinhe Tibetan medicine processing workshop Limited by Share Ltd and other 13 units won the national workers vanguard. The meeting also read the decision on the award of the national labor award and medal for the advanced collectives and advanced workers after the earthquake in Qinghai, Yushu province.

in the warm applause, the national labor award medal, the reconstruction of Yushu national labor award medal, the national workers vanguard in Qinghai province and the "12th Five-Year" Interim meritorious labor competition advanced individual, Qinghai province technical workers star, technology champion Representatives took the podium accept the leadership of the province, to they awarded the medal and certificate of honor.

model workers on behalf of the national labor medal winners were read out the proposal.

pointed out that Xu Fushun presided over the meeting, in recognition of the general assembly to further mobilize the majority of workers in the province’s advanced models as an example, always stand in the forefront of the times, gathering strength, selfless dedication, is of great significance to promote the construction of new Qinghai. The broad masses of workers in all walks of life and all fronts in the province should follow the example of advanced models and carry forward the glorious tradition of the working class;