Lithium industry new eco nternational Forum held by Hao Peng respectively the speech of the pre

6 20 pm, by the provincial government, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, China electric car will be hosted by the hundred people, lithium industry – new eco International Forum held in Xining. Governor Hao Peng, chairman of the Chinese electric vehicle hundred people attended the forum and delivered a speech on behalf of Chen Qingtai.

Hao Peng said in his speech, the lithium industry is a sunrise industry and the future development of the world’s emerging industries. Qinghai is worthy of the name of the province of lithium resources, lithium reserves accounted for 1/3 of the world, accounting for more than 80% of the country, rich resources and unique climate for the development of lithium industry provides a good condition. In recent years, we rely on the rich and unique resources, efforts to enhance the level of Saline Lake lithium, to cultivate leading enterprises, accelerate the development of supporting industries, the initial formation of Saline Lake lithium electron lithium carbonate – cathode materials, lithium battery manufacturing and integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, to accelerate the lithium industry cluster, scale the direction of development, is becoming a new economic growth point. Hao Peng said, in the future, we will put the "One principle runs through it all. to protect the ecological priority to promoting coordinated economic and social development" as the main line of work, to accelerate the development of lithium industry, new energy and new materials industry as an important starting point to promote green development, promote the transformation and upgrading, strengthening the lithium industrial key technology and supporting technology research and development, increase the lithium resources the industrial chain "chain" and "strong chain" efforts to cultivate China Lithium Industry Department of Qinghai, in 2020 and strive to make Qinghai become the country’s influential billion lithium industry base, from the implementation of the "province" to "change the lithium lithium resources industry". Hao Peng said, we will cherish and make full use of the forum to promote the achievement of lithium industry and achieve higher level, more sustainable, accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries, to better promote the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation, struggling to create a new situation in Qinghai green development.

Chen Qingtai said in his speech, the electric car is a strategic support for China to meet the new energy revolution, is an effective starting point to promote the upgrading of industrial structure. At present, the country has become the national strategy of electric vehicles, the entire electric vehicle industry has entered the industry into the period. Especially with the power battery technology, electric vehicles especially pure electric cars began to enter the market application, the battery industry has an important position in the national strategy for new energy vehicles, battery enterprises will play a very important role. He hoped that the world’s largest auto production and sales in China, to grow with the world’s leading technology of batteries and related materials, spare parts enterprises, to support the healthy development of China’s electric vehicle industry. Chen Qingtai pointed out that Qinghai has the advantage of lithium resources richly endowed by nature the current form of the lithium battery, as the focus of a complete industrial chain, Qinghai hope to further strengthen domestic and foreign famous enterprises and high-end talent cooperation, promote scientific and technological innovation, to play a greater role in promoting national electric vehicle development strategy, and make greater contributions.

Zhang Ximing, Su Ning, Gao Hua, attended the forum, presided over by the president of the company, mr..

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