Multi sectoral joint punishment of illegal enterprises everywhere Limited

Following the implementation of the first photo card reform, to maximize the release of the wide into the bonus, recently, the province’s commercial system reform and then a new lift, will strengthen the matter in the post regulation referred to a new height.

I, "on the first photo card after the reform to strengthen supervision afterwards things in the implementation of opinions", combined with the actual, from adhere to the administration, combined with the discharge pipe, clarify the responsibilities of departments, strengthen supervision and promote cooperative sector regulation, implement joint discipline, promote social governance, put forward specific comments, clear guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives and tasks.

according to the WHO approval, who supervision, who is in charge, who control principle, "opinions" put forward the establishment of regulatory responsibilities list and regulatory measures, the implementation of administrative approval directory management two requirements, clearly the specific duties of the business sector, the examination and approval department and the Department in charge of industry. The industrial and commercial departments to fulfill the dual inform duty, improve the normalization of regulatory mechanisms, strengthen risk prevention and control, strict administrative law enforcement norms and other three specific requirements. Emphasizes the perfect random checks focus on the daily supervision and inspection system; establish risk control mechanism; improve product quality and production area safety risk warning system; the included abnormal operating list and the list of serious illegal enterprise and the responsibility of the relevant personnel to limit or ban in related industries and fields etc.. Focuses on the industry department in charge of industry and commerce departments, departments of examination and approval, according to the requirements, will produce the performance of their duties during the annual report information, instant messaging, administrative licensing information, administrative penalties information, serious illegal information and other related market information, through the enterprise credit information publicity system complete collection in the enterprise name.

before the end of 2016, according to the "who, who who is responsible for publicity," principle, our province will be implemented at all levels of government and relevant departments through enterprise credit information publicity system, public law should be public information, real-time transmission of interoperability, achieve regulatory information and barrier free exchange. The realization of a complete system, clear responsibilities, efficient and smooth, strong supervision of government departments Joint Disciplinary Mechanism to discredit the main body, the formation of an illegal, everywhere limited, the Joint Disciplinary mechanism.

at the same time, the implementation of a clear Qinghai Province, after the first photo after the approval of the reform of the relevant regulatory requirements of the project list, to clarify the 233 regulatory responsibilities of the province’s 44 departments.