Home jewelry store location should pay attention to the four major problems

The importance of the

site for any entity in the industry is very important, after all, this will have a direct link with the store’s later operations. Shop location for Home Furnishing jewelry store plays an important role in front of the shop, we not only need to do is to investigate what the project is good, we should also contact you to join the project area selected a good address, here Xiaobian Home Furnishing jewelry store location should pay attention to what matters.

a good lot does not mean good business

a lot of good shops often means high rents, the landlord can only earn rent, it should be suitable for home accessories store sales lot and store. First, consumers buy Home Furnishing accessories are often started only in hard decoration near the end, so the store should be connected with the last part of the decoration, such as furniture, curtains and adjacent shop stores, building materials stores, shops and avoid bathroom adjacent; secondly, we should choose in the regional arts and crafts more concentrated, because it can not only utilize shop customers, but also for professional consumer groups.

two, good at resolving effective traffic

location of the store where the flow of information on the home jewelry store sales and dissemination of information is very important, but not all of them are effective consumer groups. We must first analyze is fixed flow or the flow of the flow of people, such as a small convenience store, although a large flow of people, but are basically fixed flow, effective sales only a continuous flow fixed flow will have spread and products contribute to product information; secondly, we should analyse the flow of people the consumption level and the cultural level, one is the area sales of the products, the two is to understand the price and the surrounding environment surrounding this location (such as universities, cultural facilities, entertainment, etc.); such as the industrial zone near the basic flow of workers is not suitable for Home Furnishing jewelry shop business.

three, field trips are important

military expert Liu Baicheng often referred to as "five lines of uncertainty, lose the importance of clean" on-the-spot investigation, so the choice of stores. The business area should also be further investigated this area and operating conditions, can choose one of the sections of the Home Furnishing jewelry store focuses on calculation, per hour after Home Furnishing jewelry store into the flow of people, the number of customers to buy the product, the number of customers by the time of the day, in order to determine the Home Furnishing jewelry store the operating conditions.

four, to see and ask

Look around the

shop business, look around people is what kind of consumer, to ask people to have much interest in your products, so customers only interested in the product can lead to their desire to buy, at this point, you can try to put a small pool of small items to see people and customer recommendation