The national entrepreneurship training camp yesterday Xining camp

yesterday, sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security of the national Entrepreneurial Training Camp Camp in Xining, 75 entrepreneurial trainers and small bosses will receive 8 days of training in the training camps, international training experts and national entrepreneurship training division will be face-to-face with them "sit on".

it is understood that the training of teachers and students are divided into classes, 75 participants mainly from the city, they will be in the entrepreneurial training camp to accept the case analysis, personal training, team competition, management games, brainstorming and other diversified. Human resources and Social Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, teacher training classes, teachers can improve the entrepreneurship training of our city teachers; students training, can improve the boss management ability, improve enterprise quality, promote the development of Small and micro businesses. In recent years, with the deepening of employment and re employment, entrepreneurship has become one of the main channels of employment. Since 2006, the city to carry out entrepreneurship training, has trained nearly 9000 people, after the training of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success rate of up to 25% people in. (author: Rong Lijun)