Zong Yiping Cheng Cheng Nordyoponimazo Mar suggested the construction of affordable housing relate

Attend a meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress of the province on behalf of Wang Yubo, Nimazo Mar, Noel De, Zong Yiping, Cheng Su joint proposal, the central government will safeguard the province’s urban housing construction related to infrastructure facilities, public facilities and other expenses included in the central budget subsidies in the plate to give financial support.

suggested that the Qinghai urban poor foundation, historical debts more, although in recent years have been the implementation of a large number of water supply, roads and other infrastructure projects, but with the pace of urban construction accelerated, urban water, electricity, roads, heating and other infrastructure is still lacking, still can not meet the needs of economic and social development and to improve living standards, especially below the county towns have been the source of investment, the municipal public infrastructure problems are more prominent. In the implementation of urban affordable housing construction, because of water and electricity and heating of infrastructure and public facilities, the construction project has been completed the project in progress is blocked and difficult problems begin to emerge, because of urban affordable housing facilities, a wide range of capital demand, according to preliminary statistics, 2008 -2011 in the construction of low rent housing related infrastructure facilities, public facilities construction loans funds amounted to 2 billion. We can not fully solve the problem of affordable housing infrastructure, public facilities supporting the construction of the problem. (author: Luo Wu Bin)