Qinghai Lake overall ecological environment for the better

recently completed the 2016 annual terrestrial biodiversity monitoring work area Management Bureau of the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, including waterfowl monitoring, endangered species, Przewalski’s Gazelle survey and investigation of vegetation resources. This year, Qinghai Lake is an area of 4436.98 square kilometers, the water level reached 3194.88 meters, higher than last year’s highest water level of about 23 cm, the most for the past 16 years.

in recent years, the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration on the basis of waterfowl, rare and endangered species, vegetation resources monitoring, focusing on science and technology play a supporting role, and built a monitoring network system in video surveillance system, network video monitoring system, video management system as a whole, mainly used in wild bird flu in real time monitoring and observation science online experience, bird behavior research, covering an area of 350 hectares. In order to master the flyway summer migratory birds, migratory birds carrying GPS migration by tracking of migratory birds, has basically mastered the migratory path of major Qinghai Lake summer migratory birds. Qinghai lake water depth measurement, water quality survey and shallow lake, the observation of the entire lake water depth distribution, the completion of the Qinghai lake water depth map.

after ten years of cooperation, has been fully completed Qinghai Lake wild waterfowl field video monitoring system, automatic monitoring system, the ecological environment of Qinghai Lake geographic information system of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghai Lake based data platform, initially built the Qinghai Lake "water, soil and air," information ecological environment monitoring system. Today, the Qinghai Lake for 20 consecutive years without the occurrence of poaching case, the overall ecological environment of Qinghai Lake to improve, showing a "three minus": 2010 to 2015, the cumulative increase of Qinghai Lake wetland area of 148.67 square kilometers, this area is more than 4436.98 square kilometers, the water level reached 3194.88 meters, than last year the highest level high 23 cm, for most of the past 16 years; wetland species indicative of waterfowl populations, species, population increase in the number of black necked cranes of Przewalski’s gazelle, vegetation biomass, coverage gradually increased, the overall vegetation coverage of 64%, the dominant species cover 34%; desertification land, bare land, saline land area decreased by 41.75 square kilometers.