Provincial People’s Congress to carry out food safety law enforcement inspection

commissioned by the National People’s Congress in April 25th, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee law enforcement inspection group in Haiyan County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and People’s Republic of China, the implementation of "food safety law" to carry out the work of law enforcement inspection on the two levels of government and relevant departments of state and county.

the inspection of law enforcement focus on the government and relevant departments to publicize and implement the food safety law, the implementation of the most stringent regulatory work; food safety regulatory agencies to establish unified authority; local governments take the overall responsibility for the implementation of the enterprise; the main responsibility for the implementation of the situation; food safety social cohabitation and food safety regulations and rules the construction of the system, standard, etc.. Inspection, law enforcement inspection group first listen to the two levels of government in Haiyan County, Haibei Prefecture and report on the implementation of the food safety law, food supervision system reform, funding, staffing, inspection and testing facilities and other aspects of the in-depth discussion, in-depth comprehensive inspection group West supermarket, Haiyan County Xiahua carnivorous food company, beef noodles King restaurant on the basis of health practitioners certificate, certificate and invoice, food additives, meat dish inspection, food utensils disinfection, food sanitation and other aspects were carefully examined, so as to further enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement inspection.

law enforcement inspection group stressed that the province at all levels of government and relevant departments to the food safety law revised comprehensive implementation, strict implementation of regulatory responsibility, make full use of the law enforcement inspection opportunity exists to find a comprehensive current province in the field of food safety problems, in-depth analysis of the reasons, rectification, padded short board, long-term supervision. Food production operators, must firmly establish the awareness of food safety responsibility weightier than Mount Tai person in charge of the market, strengthen management, operators operating in good faith, let the people be assured to buy food, we work together to ensure that people eat safe, eat at ease, eat healthy.