How to join the chain of maternal and infant products to do market success

with the second coming of age, a lot of relevant industry development is very rapid, such as maternal and infant industry in the past few years the development is quite amazing, now the baby products industry is welcome, but the success of family medicine department of maternal and child supplies franchise, we must first understand the maternal and child supplies chain joined the market. So how to join the chain of maternal and infant supplies to do market research? Shop before doing some market research, after opening will be a lot less trouble!

maternal and child products to join the chain store how to do market research, first, the consumption structure survey: different economic levels will have different consumption structure. First of all, investors to determine the average annual consumption of local children is how much.

based on 2500 data, lower than this number, is a low consumption, higher than the number of high-end consumption. Low consumption place, the store can only sell the most practical products, such as clothes, shoes, daily necessities, such as domestic milk. Higher than this number, is a high-end consumer, some can buy goods can not buy, because consumption has reached this level.

consumer survey included (family income is how much? A year for baby food consumption accounts for how much? How much? How much other clothes? How much? How much does a bottle in a coat that expensive? How much money can accept a set of underwear? How much money that is most suitable for what kind of? The case will be selling toys to the children?) maternal and child supplies franchise stores to do a market survey? Two, competition environment survey:

articles from the macro perspective is in the growth stage, the prospect is very broad, but in some places, disorderly competition is serious, if the local competition has entered the Warring States era, in no ideal store and enough investment, better not intervention. Under normal circumstances, the population of 40 thousand people can turn on a mother and daughter to join the chain stores.

China’s average birth rate is one thousand babies born a year out of 16 babies. The birth rate of 40 thousand children a year is 640, to the age of 0 – to spend on the image of the equivalent of having a group of 1920 potential customers. If the number of stores is far greater than the proportion of 40 thousand people a store that should be careful investment.

To investigate the factors of

investors have the largest area: how many are there? There are several? What is the most important competition? Losing many? How much is the average profit? (if less than 30% of the average profit is no longer involved) maternal and child supplies franchise stores to do market research, geographic three? Location:


1, the selected store radiation circle is what kind of living? (workers, business group, working group), 2 stores around what is the nature of the store? 3, about the transfer probability is high, if recommended