How about a 24 hour convenience store

How about a

24 hour convenience store? In our life, has always been a very strong choice of joining the project. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, is a stepping stone for us to success. 24 hours of convenience stores to join the project, is a city with the brand to join the project!

district not far opened a new 24 hour convenience store, the store is not too large, mainly engaged in daily necessities such as tobacco and non-staple food, the main road convenience store in our district, 500 meters can be reached from the area, because in the opening before hanging the sign open 24 hours, so in the opening of concern, after all, 24 hours for the entire district is not only the definition of Business Hours, more representative of this convenience store where the real convenience.

This is similar to the

community convenience store is not small, but these are closed during the day night business of small shops, the district residents night when it came back to a place far away from the district to buy things, and our newly-built residential high-grade residential type, most living in the region is young therefore, the night and etc. then normal, but because of the small distance downtown for a short distance, and is the New District, the residents are not many, therefore, in this case, a 24 – hour convenience stores can be described as most people.

However, after

the convenience store business operating conditions are not very ideal, the night to buy customers less and less, after the opening of a period of 24 hours of business also will become a lip-service, not long, convenience stores will put up the shutters. The reason, many people feel confused, but this case is a very common thing, but it is not accidental.

first, the convenience store in the purchase of goods and does not take into account the characteristics of the community, the majority of young people, the pursuit of quality of life will inevitably lead to its unique properties in the necessities of life choice, and the most convenience store convenience store only compliance favorable properties, especially the emergence of the a big problem in tobacco products such as selection, resulting in interested in come to buy customers disappointed.

second, hired by the waiter of the convenience store has not been trained in the service attitude of the other most people are not satisfied, and because small business just hired a waiter, and the convenience store owner turns the day night shifts, just opened the night Business Hours, on the evening of the people often to a person in the convenience store doze. But because it is near the community convenience store, convenience store owner and waiter hired are ineloquent, most of the time to work in this area is with let people have a very bad impression.