Guangdong will push the vertical management of environmental protection pilot cities


13th Five-Year" during the various provinces have launched a new policy for better development. Of course, at the same time, the more need to take the initiative so as to comply with environmental protection, sustainable development. Therefore, Guangdong will push the vertical management of environmental protection pilot cities.

"planning, reform, the top-level design, how to implement only dry out?." The National People’s Congress, the Guangdong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Lu Xiulu said yesterday to accept the new express reporter interview, Guangdong in the "12th Five-Year" submitted during the beautiful transcript, "13th Five-Year" planning period should be more daring, the top-level design in place.

Lu Xiulu back in Guangdong "12th Five-Year" during the environmental performance, with the successful ending "to describe. "Chen Jining, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, said Guangdong is the country’s benchmark in atmospheric governance. From the ’12th Five-Year’ emission reduction report, we are very beautiful."

Lu Xiulu listed a string of data, "the province’s air quality improved significantly, the number of days of haze dropped to nearly 21 years at least, the air quality index compliance rate increased to 91.1%, PM2.5 and PM10 annual average concentration decreased to 34 mg / m3 and 51 micrograms / cubic meter, the Province’s major rivers water quality is generally good, in the city centralized drinking water source water quality stability 100% of the standard, the excellent rate of water and water quality compliance rate increased by 6.5 percentage points and 12.2 percentage points."

this year launched a vertical management pilot city


"13th Five-Year" plan draft, "the development of city air quality compliance plan, prefecture level city of heavy pollution days decreased by 25%, the air quality days ratio of more than 80%; increase the smelly water remediation efforts; the implementation of classification of soil pollution prevention". For these requirements, Lu said his feelings, struggle to win the future, the top-level design has been a lot, and then is how to do. Planning, reform, top-level design, how to implement?."

source to control industrial pollution, mobile pollution control, water environment management, soil remediation and other aspects of initiatives, Lu Xiulu believes that Guangdong is not difficult to implement a standard, "environmental protection responsibility system, Guangdong will implement the policy through the way of interviews. This year will be the first to launch the vertical management pilot city, and in full swing in the "13th Five-Year" period. Environmental protection has become a consensus, the party and government with the grasp, collaborative governance, which makes us very confident."

for EIA and punish illegal


in the specific work, Lu Xiulu thought it needs more reform. He first proposed to give the EIA downsizing, the EIA report has a lot of content, but also for a long time, but most of the energy used to write the report, no one after the EIA tube. Should the EIA ‘downsizing’, to fill in the form to fill in a form, focusing on irregularities in the yan."

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