How to develop hotel accommodation

many hotels, youth hostels, hotels, resorts, farmhouse, etc.. Many stores are seeking new ways of development.

in recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the gradual rise of mass tourism. Hotel industry leader, star hotels in some economically developed areas, has been rapid development. And they don’t need too much time to do it. As long as they are in the area, the hotel reputation even if successful. With the development of economy, more hotels are involved in the competition. Some Econo Hotel occupancy rate decline. And have to demand a new promotion. In some of the strength of the hotel, choose to join the chain, to seek a new promotional space. Not long ago, the industry pointed out that the current three major bottlenecks in the development of Econo Hotel: first, the funds. Second, talent. Third, standardized management. These 3 points limit the development of Econo Hotel. Today, the vast majority are due to the Econo Hotel chain, each store, and rely on the brand chain to spread. And the formation of the current brand chain.

: some shops and many accommodation Hostel, Inn features, resorts, farmhouse and so on, not like star hotel as a condition. But they have their own advantages. The price is cheaper, have the service of astral class hotel. These stores, use these valuable conditions. Can also participate in the competition between Econo Hotel and star hotel. The uniqueness, novelty, and culture are the basis of the survival and development of the characteristic Inn, the Youth Hostel and the farmhouse. In recent years, the rapid development of the tourism industry has also been driven by: hotels, inns, resorts, farmhouse and other new accommodation development. In the face of the development of these new accommodation. How to promote their own shop outside the beginning I thought that as long as the shop opened up, people can find accommodation. But compared to some of the promotion of the store, the occupancy rate will be a lot of difference. And need to seek a new way of outward promotion. "Network" twenty-first Century today. Many stores have set up their own website. The website is built up. The site to promote, directly to his shop to the network.

is currently the most direct way of online publicity: hotel search website, hotel reservation website. With the development of tourism industry. More shops are fast spread on the internet. Promote a number of professional promotion hotels, hotels, hostels and other sites. At present, many stores on this website the hotel information. Book your own store online. Such as Ctrip, cool… Etc. face the guests direct booking website. To a certain extent to improve the occupancy. There is another kind of promotion website such as: La, town network… Etc. all of them are released, providing direct store information. Compared with the two types of websites, the hotel is scheduled to star hotels and Econo Hotel. Direct release stores the information for hostels, inns, resorts, farmhouse and some other stores. At present, the country’s largest, free of charge to provide the hotel industry to promote the site to live network Suitable for all hotel accommodation