Fight public relations war nternet Co must be 4 effective magic weapon

PR is the most direct means to promote enterprise brand, as long as you find the right way, it can reach 42 dial the role of a thousand pounds. Especially in the increasingly fierce competition in the Internet industry, not only need to have good products, more needs to be done in the maintenance of corporate brand, through a series of public relations activities for corporate brand awareness, reputation, loyalty to secure users can always win in the competition. The east to the inventory of all Internet companies will use the four effective PR magic.

1, the company will


the court during the war time, do not forget to pick up the legal weapons. For example, XX company will XX court. Once this time to pick up the legal weapons can not only seize the moral high ground, but also to win the user’s attention, can even get some sympathy. Generally speaking, the court is only an indictment submitted only, who will ultimately win the court decision. But sometimes, the Internet Co sued is a public relations show that the lawsuit win or lose, the key is that a kind of attitude, I am wrong, I am innocent, I was bullied goodpain.