How much money to invest Yunnan peak

snack pasta sales of a wide range of rice noodles on the need to be considered, as a popular item in Chinese snacks to join the project, the consumer market has been high in the line. At present, the domestic snack franchise market is saturated, if you want to make a Chinese fast food snack business, only the unique characteristics of the project to public health, talent shows itself, and the main consumers of green features is now the main choice of dining, Dianfeng noodle as a well-known noodle brand, has already won consumer recognition.

How much money does

need to invest?


peak by the Yunnan bridge noodle noodle improvement, selection of high quality rice, through fermentation, grinding, steaming powder and other procedures, making the noodle is very flexible; white slender, tender delicious diners, energy-saving. The use of pork stewed soup, with high quality vegetable oil, Wuyishan pepper, herbs and spices seasoning with chicken soup fusion; oil cover, temperature and fresh firmly, retain the nutritional value of rice noodle.

company after years of efforts, has a very large appeal in the market, the investment to Dianfeng nanowires accurate positioning, selection of reasonable price, service quality assurance, good brand image, fast food industry in the video out, where to red, quickly monopolized the local snack market. This is the business model, but also to join agent Dianfeng vermicelli want to see the reality, bring you profit, wealth.

, according to the small series of understanding, in general, the opening of Yunnan rice vermicelli shop entrepreneurs are open a lot of shops, so the cost is relatively high. The cost of the different cities are also different, 100 square meters of Yunnan rice vermicelli to join the overall cost of investment in the flagship store requires $781 thousand, the standard store needs 610 thousand and 500 yuan, the venture needs $418 thousand.

Yunnan rice vermicelli join fee, although more, but if only to open a small stall shop investment costs can be significantly reduced. After joining join Dianfeng line in the selection, the company headquarters will help the franchisee to provide the corresponding assistance program, and the company has been set up to join the Department, planning department, operation Department, marketing department, the 8 departments of regional management department, each department will cooperate with each other to help the franchisee shop operation. With industrialization, standardization management mode, let Dianfeng noodle franchisees can quickly back to this success.

With the rapid development of

industry a lot of delicacy, friends have decided to join the project to join Dianfeng nanowires. It is in the industry popular delicacy, have with many features to attract friends around the country, stores throughout every corner, entrepreneurs do not invest it for customers that can easily create a good business.

above is the cost of joining the Yunnan peak