Xiamen to further promote the city’s multi rules work

a lot of friends to see the multi rules of the term, may not be very understanding! As one of the work is currently being actively carried out in Xiamen, is to promote Internet interoperability and information sharing, thus forming a multi-level integration of the institutional framework! Xiamen and small series of specific understanding.

this year is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, continue to further promote the city’s "gauge" of great significance. In order to improve the "gauge", continue to promote the city’s urban governance system and governance capacity modernization, deepen the application of the results more than one regulation work comprehensively, the municipal government recently issued the "2016 Xiamen city" gauge "work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "work plan").


reporter was informed that the "work plan" respectively from the improvement of spatial planning system, the implementation of a new round of reform process, promote interoperability and information sharing, the formation of the institutional framework, multi level integration to strengthen the organization and implementation in five aspects of this "gauge" work requirements.

this year, more than one regulation of the primary goal is to "the beautiful Xiamen strategic planning", Xiamen "13th Five-Year" planning for the lead, to co-ordinate planning departments, enrich and perfect the "blueprint", as the government decision-making, planning and management of project construction on the basis of. "Work plan" pointed out, will summarize the upgrade of "beautiful Xiamen strategic planning", "beautiful Xiamen strategic planning compilation (2016 Revised Edition)", ten action plan to further enrich and perfect, leading the transformation of city development, scientific development.

Combing the city of

spatial planning system will continue to carry out this year, not contradictory problems of all kinds of special planning will further check screening, ecological control line within the various elements of the space layout, city development within the boundaries of all kinds of planning layout, sea system series of special planning will be clear. At the same time, to carry out the division of space strategic planning and a blueprint for the preparation of work, refine a blueprint results. Special planning for water conservancy and forestry. The full implementation of ecological control line planning and fixed pile delimitation work. To further improve the "multi rules and one" a picture of the control standards.

according to the "work plan", in the last round of the reform of the approval process based on the remarkable results, this year the city will implement a new round of "gauge" construction project approval process reform, and strive to achieve full coverage, full supervision process". Project planning generation mechanism will be further improved. By strengthening the management of construction projects, the implementation of each link of the lead and participate in the Department, for time requirements.

approval will also be innovative, this year will fully implement the negative list and inform the commitment system, forced construction project approval change concept, simplify the optimization of approval. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of decentralization, I will also recommend in this