Take the name not to blindly follow the trend of personality

Chinese people like to follow a variety of things to do and copy, I do not know, the original competition is very intense, and then follow suit, leading to greater competition in business. Don’t know what time to start, walk in the street, with a variety of "Grandpa", "Uncle" and "aunt" suffix name, from time to time into the line of sight. These names have many "popular" shadow, creative or from the television drama, or from the field of brand success.

Whether the

is defined as "climb relatives" or "bang pop", are essentially copycat doctrine and vulgar popular culture projection originated. Hit the face shop, not only in Yangzhou, but also not only in the store, online and even more serious. For example, a "phenomenal work" came out, the name of the protagonist, used items, and many of its related debris, will be borrowed to become a unique business phenomenon. Some also know to change a few words, and some are simply "doctrine", the word does not change.

indeed, in this era of eyeball, have a good name, it is very important for entrepreneurs. But not all hit the face of the name, are involved in legal disputes. For example, the popular drama, all seats, each of its name, if no one party is not registered, the legal issues involved. But follow suit is a popular natural enemy. In this era of emphasis on individual value, many do not associate with vulgar popular people, some people on the "popular lipstick" naturally sensitive, heart resistance. Such consumers in the past, there are now, more in the future.

and the name is the direct embodiment of enterprise culture. In a shop are blindly follow the trend of entrepreneurs, how many cultural taste? Look back, around the "old Chinese", which is named after the trend? Therefore, an aspiring entrepreneurs to become bigger and stronger, not a handle in this area. Furthermore, some entrepreneurs want to earn a little money, didn’t want to "hundred years plan". However, the other side is popular in this mortal, "the leading position for 35 days", another name cannot be 35 days?

quality is the best advertising. No quality as a support, even if the moment to attract the eye, it is difficult to win repeat customers. In this regard can find too many practical examples. Some people say, I do not want to repeat customers, as long as 4 million 600 thousand of the people of Yangzhou, a person on a trip. This is somewhat imaginary component. The age of the Internet, thanks to the media, word of mouth, face to effect got the biggest highlight, can be a difficult group of pit pit. Therefore, it is more important to use the mind to improve quality.

is really a good name, and not just rely on the name to attract people, also need to have more content, so it can attract more consumers. In short, the real good name should be vivid, from form, to have cultural taste, to bring good feelings to people; from God, to have the quality of content, quality should have excellent as >