Secret hinder you success and the 3 pit Bukanhouhui

entrepreneurship is not easy, in the process of entrepreneurship we will encounter a variety of problems, fill a variety of pits, many times, these things can be avoided. Entrepreneurs themselves may also make mistakes, every mistake can be fatal for the company. Now Xiaobian for you secret of success and the 3 hole block.

only cheap

I hire an experienced people they are not good? It looks good, but the reality is that people may not have experience with people, then people will take his energy loss, especially when I see entrepreneurs is the most unrealistic, asked a group of recruits to veteran Youzi dry thing, do not blame, to staff on the body the. The key is the ability of employees to there, you forced him to do he do something, that is not what can not drive a duck onto a perch, but entrepreneurs wait so long period of cultivation.

startup, first must find the team composed of several veteran soldiers and able captains will continue to find, not found, rather, otherwise your pace walked more and more slowly, more walk more.

had patted the head

in the gaming industry as an example, the start-up team lack of resources, can not rely on the master a lot of decision resources, so they face two choices, that is to go along with others, that is their own or copycat, patting the head, feeling the stones.

echelon fault