Open restaurant franchise business means

food and beverage industry in the market which is always welcome, because Chinese always breeds, there are many diners have attached great importance to the taste of food, the majority of entrepreneurs engaged in restaurants is actually a trick.

1, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks eat, drink free Soybean Milk

2, roast duck sold separately

in Ji’nan a century old hotel, the hotel every day baked whole duck placed in takeout window of foreign sales, each duck in the 1-1.5 between the average price of 60 yuan / kg, only about. Although the Roasted Duck reputation, and customers want to buy, but sales have been on the go, a good time to sell more than and 10 days only. The hotel took a lot of measures, still not getting better, and then to analyze the reasons: people in the purchase of roast duck, I hope to be a little less, a little bit, do not want to buy a big roast duck every time to go back.

so, the hotel with the wave of consumption, change the way of sales, will be divided into half, Roasted Duck 1/4, the leg of the duck, duck wings, duck separate to sell, but also increase the auxiliary food. At the same time, the hotel also create new styles every day, Aochu VAT Roast Duck Bone Soup, free use of plastic bags for guests to take home to drink. The measures introduced, will be successful, now the hotel sales every duck increased by 10 times.

3, Jianfengchazhen restaurant      
if no shop cost and adequate equipment, you can think of some ways in time, it may obtain the unexpected effect of hidden but beautiful spot. ". Hangzhou’s "day night private" shop will give you some inspiration.

there is a restaurant in Hangzhou, the day by public management, from 20 pm to 8:30 the next day, by a self-employed business. The self-employed business dining experience, always wanted to open my own business, but no place and not enough money. Later he found no business in the restaurant at night, try to contract the restaurant at the time, the shop of the venues and facilities, personal contract management, in this way, not only increase the company’s income, the self-employed have also received considerable profits, but also to facilitate the passengers and the masses.