What are the conditions for the application of rural youth entrepreneurship loans

is a very important component of the Chinese, although the development of rural Chinese plays a very important role, but under the background of the development of the current rural economic development has made a very big impact. In order to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor, the state pays special attention to the development of rural areas. Even set up a rural youth business loans, you know how to apply for rural youth entrepreneurship loans? What are the conditions for rural youth business loans? This is what we need to know about.

first, apply for rural youth business loans must meet the following conditions

1, age 40 years old (inclusive);

2, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, no bad credit records;

3, entrepreneurial aspirations and a certain foundation;

4, in rural credit cooperatives within the jurisdiction of a fixed residence or business premises;

5, open a personal settlement account in the lending institutions;

6, voluntarily accept the supervision of the lender’s account funds;

7, other conditions stipulated by the bank.

two, the amount of rural youth entrepreneurship loans

according to the relevant regulations, apply for rural youth loan amount are generally less than 30 thousand yuan, the maximum not more than 50 thousand yuan; if the lender can serve as collateral and pledge of the industry, can mortgage procedures, so it can be an appropriate increase in the amount of the loan.

three, rural youth business loans

apply for rural youth entrepreneurship loans will generally be based on the borrower’s personal ability, entrepreneurial loans, lenders and other assets to be considered, and then determine the loan period. However, the general provisions of the period is about 3 years, up to no more than 5 years.

four, the rate of rural youth business loans

in order to support the rural youth entrepreneurship, so the relevant provisions of the document, the interest rate can be taken to protect the profit of the business model, the bank can then set the benchmark interest rate to do the appropriate increase.

five, the guarantee method of rural youth entrepreneurship loans

There are many ways to guarantee the

rural youth entrepreneurship loans. For example, you can take the company plus farmers; can be used for real estate mortgage, pledge; you can also meet the conditions of the guarantor or Guarantee Corporation, etc.