Happy cow pie joined the broad prospects for easy showmanship ye good profit

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to raise the level of modern life, many people are in pursuit of unique delicacy snacks, happy cow pie, as popular delicacy, has won the favor of consumers, all over the country happy cow pie, stores, you can see the line of men, happy cow, pie taste crispy, fascinating.

At the beginning of the establishment of the

enterprise, the development direction and the mission of the company are clearly defined. In 10 years, thousands of the first food industry focus on the booming catering business, set up a new management platform through to explore more advanced operational mechanism, establish a diversified training mode, the rapid development of enterprises.

in recent years, the company has received numerous awards, thousand food industry adhere to the "integrity, quality, win-win" business philosophy, "the concept of a thousand swords then knows all, fuck one thousand and then Xiaoyin", the traditional food culture in the tradition of the broad and profound, continuous exploration and innovation, the great value of food items by mining underestimated, bred food items more soul and vitality, with entrepreneurial wealth towards the success of the dream.


] happy Niu Ye is the first thousand golden crispy burnt food industry DEDECATES fist brand, is committed to creating a single king, a single product of the most. And customized single store operation system of supply chain system of a set of gold crispy roast and a set of perfect quality control measures, not only strengthened, better develop more store marketing management system, advanced and practical, let the store get the maximum return.

– enterprise tenet: people-oriented, customer first, the pursuit of excellence, world without end.

– enterprise creed: the harvest from the work, the source of return to pay.

– enterprise faith: always be successful, is always the starting point.

– enterprise philosophy: philosophy, change the position of the constant, constant pursuit of philosophy, unremitting.

– the spirit of enterprise: service life, credibility is the soul, the heart to a thought, an effort to make, the road to a walk, see the distance to the eye.

– enterprise business philosophy: fine – quasi – accurate view of solidarity — fine bold but cautious

was relentless – tap the market potential – steady – high stability and high efficient

– Market Outlook: no off-season market, only thinking of the off-season.

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] happy Niu Ye is the first thousand golden crispy burnt food industry one of the brand’s series.