Li Huakai pest

insecticidal money, it sounds almost like unlikely, especially in a society, so the current however, but some people really rely on the wealth to earn. This is the hero of this article Li Hua, then, how he is relying on to earn a lot of money?

" you see, I put on this line avatar who? " help control insect Chain Co., Ltd. owner Li Hua smiled and asked. A closer look, he was wearing a protective overalls, wearing masks, carrying a chemical reagent bottle, hand sprayer, prevent the spread of the virus STARS like a movie "biochemical crisis" (especially in strategy to save the group referred to as members).


has been doing business for several years, Li Hua is still often personally insecticide " front ". Since the age of 18 from the northeast to Hangzhou, Li Huagan had a lot of work, the night market stall, hotel security, doorman, cleaners, a step by step to achieve the housekeeping manager. Work in the hotel, guests often complain of a cockroach bug room or restaurant, this hotel every year to pay high compensation fee, but also spend a lot of energy to " from ". " I think the industry is bound to be the trend of the trend, when there is no professional pest control company in Hangzhou, I aim to drink saliva, to seize the market gap. " Li Hua decided to quit his business.

as one of Hangzhou’s oldest professional insecticidal company, Li Huayi ran the school, please professor of plant protection specialty Zhejiang University College of agriculture for their ", " charging; make up for the lack of professional knowledge, on the other hand, desperately looking for domestic and foreign professional pest control company operation experience. " foreign insecticidal industry called PCO, is developed, with technology and service of professional experience in a set, some big companies can achieve an annual turnover of billions of dollars. At that time, Beijing, Shanghai began to have the PCO industry. "

" insecticidal looks very simple, take a medicine spray can, in fact, the operation is very complex. " Li Hua told reporters, according to each place climate, location, housing structure, damage degree, pest species, the company must formulate different " suppression from " plan, quality control team also sent regular home maintenance.

with " free " open market

one step ahead, indicating business opportunities, but also means that the risk. Li Hua found that the Hangzhou market is still unfamiliar with the concept of professional insecticide. Every day, he was riding a bike shuttle in Hangzhou’s major hotels, shopping malls, persuade them to spend money to buy their own " " service; suppression. But there is no one to buy it, " they don’t understand why every year to spend ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan to hire insecticidal ". < >