Open the Wuhan roast duck wave vision

is not the same as the duck taste achievement of a catering business success is not the same, today is catering the hero of the story has its unique vision on that he did not like the road to riches success.

won the first gold business success,

2006, he quit his job, go to Taiwan for leisure. He found a lot of cafe fast-food restaurants on the table there is a small machine that reads: a dollar coin, the day ahead. In waiting for the clearance of the dishes, Wang Guangming took one yuan to play the interesting, found: this little machine can not only predict the fortune, measuring IQ and test of psychological, flashing colorful aperture. Quite business minded Wang Guangming suddenly had a brainwave "such a magical thing why don’t introduce to the mainland, will love by young people."

He immediately

what you want to find a small machine manufacturers and contact, quickly took a brand sign entertainment machine of China general agent. After returning to Wuhan, Wang Guangming began shuttling in the streets and lanes, selling their own entertainment machine in various restaurants and cafes, and the owner in accordance with the "46" model into profit. There is no need for any cost, the boss can get 40% profit, a constellation of good entertainment every day when you can earn hundreds of dollars, pure no business so that the boss tasted the sweetness. They are no longer satisfied with the profit sharing, a large number of orders directly in Wang Guangming.

Wang Guangming became the first person to introduce the constellation entertainment in Hubei, is also one of the few people in the country to contact constellation entertainment. Wang Guangming will soon spread to the national product, this year, he sold nearly 20 thousand sets of constellation entertainment machine, made his first pot of gold 700 thousand yuan.

good at thinking and innovation on Wuhan roast duck wave

a night out with friends to drink, a friend drinks duck, Wang Guangming whim, let the boss to help duck with bamboo wear roast. The boss staring at him, nagging duck roast is the first time I heard. From time to time like to play some new tricks Wang Guangming adhere to their own ideas. Did not expect the roasted duck unique taste, spicy coke, flavor. A duck was soon swept away.

this experience gave Wang Guangming the inspiration of the three venture. All along, we are accustomed to eating stewed duck neck, but he believes that as long as the form of barbecue duck delicious enough, has its own characteristics, we will be able to win a huge market. The dynamic Wang Guangming began special snack road — roast duck.

he clearly knows, for the food industry, a good product baked, the most important is the recipe, how to develop their own exclusive recipe, so he took a lot of effort. "I was the first"