Sichuan Sichuan call back to business

is now due to pay more attention to social entrepreneurship, have carried out a lot in his hometown of entrepreneurial activity, launched a number of preferential policies to attract some business, home business people to join, recently, Sichuan called on some Sichuan taking home business.

16 day, organized by the Sichuan provincial government organized the Sichuan business innovation development forum held in Chengdu. Designed to attract more business back to Sichuan development, docking cooperation.

under the new economic norm, innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples is regarded as one of the drivers of economic sustainable development of the new engine, in the main body of innovation and entrepreneurship, "Yan" has become more and more attention.

"today we want to release an important signal – the hometown people hope, Sichuan home business, home development." The governor of Sichuan province Wei Hong, with a home in half an hour of deliberation in Sichuan cordial to the scene every Sichuan business invitation.

"at present, Sichuan is no longer the occlusion, but ‘poor lump’ western development new heights, new radiation center, at present, the world’s top 500 enterprises have 283 in Sichuan, Sichuan has more investment opportunities and conditions for development." Wei Hong said that at present, Sichuan also need to continue to improve the development of industrialization and urbanization. As long as there is a market is not backward, we can provide the industry and projects are welcome."