How to manage the mixed staff

each person’s attitude towards life and work is different, they will have a very big difference in the attitude of the work. For this reason, almost every company will have a number of "mixed" employees, such a special group of employees, the company and how to manage it?


company recruited ten communications professional students, were assigned to the sales department. General manager of the Sales Department of Feng Yan subordinates are famous. He asked all the new students to the forefront of the most difficult to engage in market development work, in order to conduct monthly assessment, assessment results directly linked with the bonus. At the same time, Ye Feng also asked them to focus on learning exchanges every Sunday, every week to submit a detailed summary of the work.

a month later, Ye Feng found a man named Dewey employees often leave, even in the office are often absent-minded, other colleagues are busy playing the phone, about customers, while he is on the computer to play games or chat on the internet. On the weekly training, Dewey is also able to hide to hide, he is usually very rare to take the initiative to visit customers, as general manager of sales is very anxious.

he had earlier this month to the group of new employees to play a "needle and beat the drum", if you want to work in his Feng Ye, attitude must be serious, the process must be standardized, the results must be perfect. The result is that the strict requirements of the sales business by leaps and bounds, sales staff not only has been materially affordable, in terms of capacity, position is also greatly improved.

Ye Feng think Dewey may be new, need time, want to wait until after three months of performance to find a thorough communication Dewey. In this way, Dewey in the usual work still show absent-minded, to work directly under the leadership arrangement of a cool way after repeated complaints, the final leaf Feng and he completely decided to talk again.

through in-depth communication, Ye Feng learned: Dewey said his bones free survival condition, not love fame, but do not want to lose anything material. He also admitted that the weekend is not willing to participate in the training and the introduction of tedious summary, but would like to do some market research or customer visits, as long as they are not eliminated on the line.

but on the other hand, Ye Feng also found Dewey’s understanding and ability, can make greater achievement, but naturally fame Dewey chose to mediocrity, choose when one day at a time to pass the day. Ye Feng did not want to see a star of hope in the end, how should he do?

cause analysis:

at present, many companies have a number of "negative mixed day" employees, their existence has seriously affected the performance of the positive quality of the work of employees