Chen Zeyi to provide counseling services with soul Entrepreneurship

is different from the general occupation, if you want to provide psychological counseling services, not only the need for professional documents, but also the need for strong psychological, which is really using the soul of entrepreneurship, which is respected by many people. Chen Zeyi was engaged in such a career, has been a great success.

soft light, exquisite decoration, walls, light green powder apricot flower red curtains, thick and soft texture, bronze bench table, funny expressions pillow, seamless soundproof glass door…… A galaxy into cultural center of psychological counseling room, there is a warm home people feel comfortable and relaxed. This elegant office is less than thirty years old, hold the national register of qualified counselors Chen Zeyi studio.

work to do psychological counseling

"I study psychology, is" turned "to do this for counselors." Talking about entrepreneurial experience, Chen Zeyi showed his peers rarely calm. In 2001, graduated from the Guangdong University of Business law professional after Chen Zeyi in a real estate auction, the auction industry as the "Guangdong" magazine, and later admitted to the civil service, completing the Tsinghua University law professional course.

he found himself on the psychology of this interest, began extensive reading psychology books, some case studies, sometimes around family and friends have any psychological distress he will help analysis. Gradually, he sprouted the idea of renting an office to do psychological counseling room, with the support of the family, the use of the work to do more than I am my plastic counseling.

lets you know yourself in the mirror

Chen Zeyi said that as a counselor, I just a mirror, let the caller from me to see another myself." Consulting room to the majority of young people, many students. Chen Zeyi often take traction, homework assignments and other ways to help people do psychological treatment.

"for example a family problem, a quarrel with his family at home, so that the tension. I asked her to describe the situation, when she said, vicious curse words, done when I step by step again to enlighten her, she realized just curse the scene actually in her own heart experience again, she gave himself up the narrow and selfish of her own in a fortress. Step by step I do so alienated his family, her goal is to see the ugly "own", open her heart shackles, it is a good challenge to psychotherapy."

big love touched himself moved others

interview process, the reporter found that Chen Zeyi speak very rich expression, said