Cake store should be how to make more money

now, a lot of people usually like to patronize the cake shop, and exquisite packaging, unique taste is very attractive. Delicious and healthy cake must be very popular, so invest in a cake shop is very promising. But how to manage it? Today Xiaobian for everyone to analyze:

The first location is

The second step:


general to join the cake shop will have uniform decoration, as long as the headquarters of the unified decoration on it. But you can add some of their own characteristics or ideas in the details. Such as a large area of the store, you can choose to set up a bar in the window, convenient for customers to rest or direct consumption of cake. After the renovation, the latter to do a good job of cleaning maintenance, to allow customers to be able to look at the store’s cake and other food, into the store will also feel fresh and bright, so it will add customer appetite.

The third step:


the above three steps seem very simple, but in practice there are many details to note. It is not easy to deal with it, the shop is equivalent to a business in the business, intentions will be harvested. Cake franchise business skills, flexible use to make money.


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