Pharmacies how to sell high priced goods

is also the sale of one hundred pieces of goods, some of the high price, the overall profit naturally came up, and some may be a commodity itself only a few dollars, even if the sale of one hundred did not much profit. So, if you want a store of high profits, may wish to sell high priced goods. However, this is plagued by a number of operators of a problem. So, how to sell high priced drugstore?

small Shun open POS machine, see business data 28 stores, more than 9 thousand day turnover, but forget about the sales of the top twenty together has reached more than 6 thousand, of which the high price is the price of more than 100 yuan in half to, is really 80/20 the law.

small Shun sighed, every day in the shop Lixinxin hard, play a decisive role in the transaction but these items, it is no wonder that sometimes business is not good. Because of these high priced varieties did not move, if the high price of a single product to sell more, store business will be how to change?

for different companies and stores, the high price of a single product definition is different, we do most of the stores at 2 times the average customer price of 50 yuan to define it, to more than 100 yuan for the varieties of high price variety, store colleagues love called "big things", from the number of according to the repository will pull, these species concentrated in the medical, nutrition and health care box and a small number of prescription drugs, or seasonal goods advertising.

and most of the products are 50 yuan, the basic medicine to meet the basic needs of the customer into the store, but its overall profit is limited, from the business point of view, the business enterprise is to maximize profits, although we are not the pharmacy for this purpose, but can sell high price for most varieties, stores have a decisive role.

at present, the sale of high priced species is what kind of situation?

first, it is difficult to recommend high priced in front of customers will be more careful, more factors to consider, to convince customers, employees need to spend more effort to explain, but also need more professional skills.

The current situation of such

, but also makes a lot of people did not dare to go to pharmacies selling these high priced products, one is afraid to scare away customers, two feel personal "input-output" is not worth.

two and the number of point of purchase in most cases, our pharmacies to sell high priced varieties, the customer is often driven by advertising or other factors, to the store to buy a store, the staff value seems to just take medicine and complete the supplementary guide.

three, grab a lot of new business pharmacies