Summer drinks store opened five popular brands can consider joining

summer, the fire not only the sun, more kinds of beverage stores. It is because the beverage shop business is hot, so the summer is also the peak season for investors to open drinks shop. So the summer drinks shop to choose what brand investment? Five popular brands worth considering.

time fruit drinks

is different from the traditional water industry, always abide by the "fruit drinks fresh, healthy and fashionable" unique leisure consumption concept deeply rooted and developed into an important brand in the industry, in a concise, fashion store image for the city into a new force.

honey silk fruit drinks

honey silk fruit drinks on-site production, selling is done now, it is fresh. Raw materials are collected from the domestic and foreign fine raw material origin, green pollution-free, fresh and natural, pure taste. Extract natural essence from Thailand fresh ingredients. Honey silk fruit drinks imported from Thailand best tropical fruit produced from Thai jam, let you feel the sweet breath of tropical rainforest.

fresh Qihuan beverage

fresh fruit + YISHION Qihuan beverage grain homologous ingredients, fresh fruit, on-site production, grain after low temperature baking cooked, superfine grinding into powder, mixing, drink, natural, green, natural, taste more pure, more long aftertaste!

music spell fruit drinks

happy lemon drinks

happy lemon, is Chinese area MIX creative fruit drink chain biggest brand, full attention to raw material itself delicious and creative fruit. Happy lemon professional production and operation of various types of ultimate fruit drinks, creative drinks, and leisure food. Happy lemon "healthy taste, you and I create the concept of joy", the Taiwan quality of fruits and vegetables, insist on selling is done now, relying on the natural fruit reduction attitude not only won the diners taste buds are more absolute advantage to win the market.

summer drinks frequency very much, the five drinks shop was bursting with popularity, sales than the summer sun and hot, which shows the extraordinary charm of the brand. Investors choose to invest in any of the above brands, will be unexpected gains.