Xi Jinping in the city of science and technology Hefei public companies show

knowledge to change the fate of the economic base determines the superstructure, the cultivation of talents, the development of enterprise quality, directly affects the country’s rich, strong and prosperous. At present, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee came to the city of science and education, Hefei, the third time into the USTC, Hefei, many companies have also appeared in the face of the.

2011 in April, when he was vice president of Xi Jinping in Anhui research, footprints arrived in USTC; in July 2013, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping in the investigation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and came to ustc. This time, his trip to Anhui in the inspection of the old revolutionary base areas in Jinzhai county and Xiaogangcun will sign the reform again, attention to the innovation of science and technology for the label Chinese of the well-known colleges and universities.

4 on the morning of 26 July, Xi Jinping came to the University of Science and Technology of China Institute of advanced technology, high-tech enterprises focused on high-tech achievements show. In intelligent voice, intelligent robot (26.950, 0.23, 0.86%), the equipment manufacturing industry, new materials, bio medicine, new energy and wisdom exhibition, the general secretary with the scientific research units and enterprises staff cordial exchanges, ask the advance in research, achievements, application prospect.

so what are the exhibits in Anhui? Twenty-first Century economic report reporter from the official photographs of the scene, iFLYTEK (27.83, 0, 0%) chairman Liu Qingfeng, Jianghuai Automobile (11.770, 0.30, 2.62%) chairman An Jin, Chery chairman Yin Tongyue and general secretary of the "close contact".

addition, twenty-first Century economic report from Anhui was informed that the meeting of the enterprise are: LDK technology, Meiya optoelectronic, Anke biotechnology, China Electronics Technology Group 38, China Science and technology, sun power, China Xuan tech, jieshijie new materials etc.. These are the representative companies in Anhui.

at the Beijing Shanghai route quantum communication operation center, academician Pan Jianwei introduced. Xi Jinping affirmed the development of quantum communications, said: "very promising, very important."

Xi Jinping at the University of Science and Technology of China Institute of advanced technology with science and technology personnel stressed that innovation in the first five new development concept. China’s economic development has entered a new normal, we must use new momentum to promote new development. To rely on innovation, increasing the content of innovation, the upgrading of China’s industries to high-end. Xi Jinping pointed out that the economy of our country to this man, entirely dependent on foreign technology innovation is not sustainable. We unswervingly adhere to the open strategy, but must promote independent innovation in the open.

on Xi Jinping before the visit, Vice Premier Ma Kai of the State Council in March 30th to April 1st Hefei study also visited some enterprises which recommended