Entrepreneur necessities ambition

a person of noble aspirations in fact it means that a person of noble aspirations, who has thought "ambition", but "ambition" is not really a derogatory term, many people misunderstand it, distorted its value. In fact, the same is true for entrepreneurs.

"ambition" is in the lower position has a higher pursuit. Therefore, there is no "ambition" evil entrepreneurs, their career achievements are limited.


will publish, there are 18461 people send their answer. These answers are various. Most people think that lack of money is of course, the money will not be poor; another part of people think, the poor are poor, the lack of opportunities is poor, the poor are poor in the back above; there are also a number of people think, the poor lack of skills, skills so poor, have proficiency in a particular line to get rich quick; others say that the poor is the lack of help and care, is brand-name clothes, is the president’s position and so on.

the millionaire’s death anniversary, his lawyer and the agent discloses the secret of his wealth: the poor is the lack of ambition to become rich


in all the answers, there is a 9 year old girl was right, why only the 9 year old girl thought the poor is the lack of ambition? He received 1 million francs awards said: "every time, my sister put her 11 year old boyfriend home, always warned me say, don’t have the ambition! Don’t have the ambition! So I think, maybe ambition can make people get what they want".