How should the clothing store dressing room decoration

want to do clothing business, we have to consider the problem of fitting room, but many shopkeepers are often the most easily overlooked this point. Clothing store to luxury decoration to attract customers, is now a lot of businesses do not hesitate to spend heavily to build a project. However, even the splendid clothing store, often in a detail appeared on the flaw – fitting room.

the fitting room can be said to be decided whether to sell the clothing is an important link. As a customer, do not buy only try to decide. But if the clothing store dressing room in privacy, size and other aspects of the other customers feel embarrassed, will cause the deal. The fitting room should have several conditions with


A, pay attention to privacy issues.

fitting room is the most fatal problem is the lack of privacy. Everyone has to go through the stages of the show when they are trying to do something. So consider the protection of customer privacy issues in the design should be on the dressing room.

two, the area can not be too small.

the fitting rooms are usually just only one person, especially those underwear store. The fitting room is to provide service for all the customers to the clothing store consumption, not only as a good customer for, never let the fitting room become fat where customers feel shame.

three, the decoration is not too shabby.

The mirror is not installed