End of the Spring Festival holiday in Fuzhou today ushered in 86 thousand passengers

Spring Festival has passed unconsciously, 7 days off so that he left himself, a lot of people and embarked on a journey to work! Today, the FuZhou Railway Station is expected to send 86 thousand passengers, the direction of passenger travel in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Putian and other places. FuZhou Railway Station will be added to the Shangrao to Nanchang G9836 times, D9978 times and G9816 times to Xiamen, D9605 times and D9607 times, K4390 times, from Chongqing to Shanghai G4882 times, D9976 times, from Fuding to Ganzhou D9961 times and D9965 times of passenger train.

at the same time, in view of some problems encountered in the train, here also gives the passengers a number of reminders. FuZhou Railway Station warm reminder: if the child is 1.2 meters in height to the height of 1.5 meters, when buying tickets and tickets, you can use the identity card of their parents to buy half price tickets. If your child under 16 years of age, but the height of more than 1.5 meters, and did not apply for an identity card, you can use the child’s account, passport and other documents by car. If you do not bring documents, parents can apply for temporary permits in the railway station window.

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