Shop name also need to combine traditional naming

although many shopkeepers are aware of the importance of the shop name, but also willing to spend money and energy in this area, however, but because there is no comprehensive consideration, resulting in the shop’s name is not suitable to obtain. Taobao is the name of a wide variety, to fight beautiful, I have to do the registration of a trademark, it is very sensitive to the name, is also very interested, so very hard to analyze many names, but the name of the connotation and fortune, also learn their name of art.

as a traditional Chinese culture lovers, know that China has a name, also known as naming. Chinese has a surname, representing the family, famous, representing the parents, a word, represents himself, a number, representing the friends, there are a lot of mystery.

Chinese name is not casual, because Chinese characters are spiritual. Why Chinese the Chinese characters spiritual, because a lot of the birth of six Chinese characters, pictographs, instructions, Zhuanzhu, Huiyi and Xingsheng, under the guise of, after because the system of classical Chinese, and have more essence on the basis of these words, so just say a word of Taoism Chinese characters.

then the name is the ancient knowledge, good name can bring good luck to the owner, such as Beijing famous "Quanjude", after the shop name is "de full" business, long-term losses, no way, it is transferred to a Roasted Duck the time-honored, this Roasted Duck like lots of Feng Shui good, do not look good, this name is not good, so you want to play a, an expert advice, in turn, because before the name was too conceited, which have so thick skinned said his virtue all poly, of course, not on the gods, which in turn is more humble, God will protect, business will be brisk.

perhaps it is because the name for the development of the store has not a general influence, so that it will make a lot of entrepreneurs pay attention to the name, however, how to name, but at the same time plagued them. In fact, the name is very simple, is a spiritual thing, rather than on the market what gestures like. Do their own brand, so that their own well-known stores, and Amoy and precious.